Belgian “stoofvlees” – Belgian Stew

If you want to eat a typical Belgian dish with french (belgian) fries, then you should definitely get some “stoofvlees”. The fries are often eaten with just the sauce of the “stoofvlees” but it’s actually a dish on its own and super easy to make. Although the normal dish is made with beef meat, i prefer to make it with chicken meat (less fat).

Here you go: get yourself 3 big onions and cut them in little pieces. Get a big stew pan and put in some (real) butter. Frie the onions until they turn glassy. Meanwhile get a sticky frying pan and frie the chicken till it looks brown. Put the chicken in the stew pan together with the onions. Add some laurel, pepper and salt.

Get back to the pan where you baked in the chicken and set the temperature to the maximum. Now is the fun part. Poor three (of the same) strong brown Belgian beers in the pan (best results with St. Bernardus Abt 12, Chimay Blue, Westmalle Dubbel, or Rochefort 10). Make it boil until most of the alcohol has evaporated. Fun thing to do is to hang above your boiling beer and inhale (very healthy ;-) ).

Once most of the alcohol has cooked out of the beer (5-10 minutes), poor the beer in the big stew pan. Get three slices of bread and spread them with mustard. Put the slices of bread in the stew pan with the mustard downsides. Raise the temperature a little until the whole is boiling lightly (leaving the mustard-bread on top). Put on the cover and let it boil for a while (15-30 minutes) until the chicken is cooked sufficient. After 15-30 minutes stir everything and season to your norms.

Serve with french fries and have a good beer with it (preferably the same beer that you poored in the stew). Enjoy…

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