Spotify – premium account without visa

Since i became a real fan of Spotify, i wanted to buy the premium version. Using Spotify on my mobile phone is great (thanks to Mobile Vikings for the 2gig data plan a month). But apparently, if you don’t have a visa or mastercard, one can not buy Spotify premium. Even through Paypal, it is obliged to have you visa/mastercard linked to the paypal profile.

After some googling i found this dutch website which sells spotify premium codes. Payments can be made to regular bank transfer. I did not try it but i will next week.

In Holland, there are already prepaid cards in stores like Albert Heijn. I don’t know any stores in Belgium that have them but it is said that it will come…

UPDATE: Ordered and a couple of days after, i received a gift coupon with a one month premium subscription. Worked out great :)

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