Low-carbohydrate diet

After a couple of years living the good life, i encouraged myself that the time is come to do something about my overweight. It’s still not that bad, but a great time to start working on it. I want to lose 10kg.

I read about the low-carb-diet at the internet and it seems promising. One can keep eating a lot but just no or very few carbohydrates. From now of on, it seems i can only eat vegetables, red meat, low-fat fish and nuts.What you can’t eat is bread, pasta, peas, most of the fruits.

The idea behind is, is that if you eat a lot of proteines instead of carbs, your body will decide to go in ketose - state which means that it will start burning your own fat (and not the carbs u used to take in). Sounds good to me!

More info on this diet

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