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Well, it’s been a while since the Sing Something app for Iphone has been released. Eager to play it on my Android phone I couldn’t wait any longer and started, just for the fun of it, to develop my own Sing Something application, named “SingGuess”. I’m trillion percent sure the original app will be a lot better in terms of performance, functionality and especially GUI but anyway, I’ve become to the point that it is playable (I guess). So I’m actually looking for betatesters who are willing to test the app and give me some feedback on the three subjects I described above.

The app was developed on a HTC Wildfire so low spec-phones should be able to run it. Also, the minimum version of Android should be 2.1. As seen with the Draw Something app, I’m expecting the real Sing Something app won’t be supported for low-spec phones such as my HTC Wildfire.

So, please react if interested.




















You can the app in the Google Play Store

3 thoughts on “Sing Something for Android alternative (Android 2.1+) – SingGuess”

  1. filip says:

    hi verthosa, im phill from sing something team. awesome that you like our app so much you´ve created your own! :D D would be glad if you sent me your version. we are finetuning ours, but we have some problems with FB all the time :(

  2. Verthosa says:

    Hi Phill, for the moment one can only play against friends on facebook. Let me just add a “choose random” player and i’ll upload the apk. What seems to be the problem with FB? I started using the graph api but eventually, due to performance issues (it’s sooooo slooooowwww), i ended using the FQL queries (which imo seem to be a tiny bit faster). What issues do you have?

  3. Verthosa says:

    Ok, i uploaded the APK in the post. Happy to hear some feedback :)

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