SharePoint 2013 – Can’t approve or reject access requests

We had a problem that a specific group (site owner) should be able to approve or reject access requests to their sites. By default, only site collection administrators can do this.

As the ‘Access requests’-list is a hidden library we should use a little trick to reach the permissions of the list.

  1. Open your SharePoint Designer and connect to your site
  2. Go to ‘All Files’ in the navigation
  3. You should now see the ‘Access requests’ list – Right click on it > Properties
  4. You can now reach the permissions settings for this list
  5. Add your group and give it full control

This should fix it. If it doesn’t then possibly your group is not known as a ‘real’ owner group in your site. Fix it by following these steps:

Take your site url and paste the following behind it: /_layouts/15/permsetup.aspx . You can now re-define the default groups for your site. Be sure to select your group at the ‘Site Owners’ category below.

Hope this helps


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