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Sing Something for Android alternative (Android 2.1+) – SingGuess

Well, it’s been a while since the Sing Something app for Iphone has been released. Eager to play it on my Android phone I couldn’t wait any longer and started, just for the fun of it, to develop my own Sing Something application, named “SingGuess”. I’m trillion percent sure the original app will be a lot better in terms of performance, functionality and especially GUI but anyway, I’ve become to the point that it is playable (I guess). So I’m actually looking for betatesters who are willing to test the app and give me some feedback on the three subjects I described above.

The app was developed on a HTC Wildfire so low spec-phones should be able to run it. Also, the minimum version of Android should be 2.1. As seen with the Draw Something app, I’m expecting the real Sing Something app won’t be supported for low-spec phones such as my HTC Wildfire.

So, please react if interested.




















You can the app in the Google Play Store

Spotify – premium account without visa (part II)

Ok, apparently, the service which was offered by the dutch website doesn’t work anymore. Spotify doesn’t allow other users to resell premium codes. We pay spotify premium now by visa or driving to holland where the cards are sold in Albert Heijn stores. Bummer.

Spotify – premium account without visa

Since i became a real fan of Spotify, i wanted to buy the premium version. Using Spotify on my mobile phone is great (thanks to Mobile Vikings for the 2gig data plan a month). But apparently, if you don’t have a visa or mastercard, one can not buy Spotify premium. Even through Paypal, it is obliged to have you visa/mastercard linked to the paypal profile.

After some googling i found this dutch website which sells spotify premium codes. Payments can be made to regular bank transfer. I did not try it but i will next week.

In Holland, there are already prepaid cards in stores like Albert Heijn. I don’t know any stores in Belgium that have them but it is said that it will come…

UPDATE: Ordered and a couple of days after, i received a gift coupon with a one month premium subscription. Worked out great :)

Spotify – Streaming Music

How sceptic i was when i first heard about “Spotify”. I thought of some kind of sketchy application which surfed upon the waves of legality and illegality. Also, why would I want to have all my music files in the cloud? What if the service isn’t available anymore or even worse; what if my internet connection fails.

Anyway, I thought to give it a try. I was quite impressed by the extensive music collection. I could find almost everything (also local bands). Except if you are searching the most “trve” black metal band lurking in the depths the Norwegian forests. But then again, they only release trve tapes…

Since I installed “Spotify” I am barely touching my own mp3 collection, because it’s so easy to search and play the music. I also installed the application on my android cellphone. Fantastic, now I have all the music on the go. Unfortunately, It’s only 48 hours for free on the phone but prices are very fair (9.99€). So fair, I’m going to order my account this week… and maybe deleting my mp3 collection.

However, I always ask myself: what if this service disappears? I guess there will be a lot of other companies coming out with alternatives but still.

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70000 tons of metal

Imagine, a floating, 5 day, 4 night bright weather metal festival where you can meet the bands, have a talk at one of the zillion bars or check out a performance at 4 in the morning. Oh wait, sounds like Wacken Open Air on a cruise boat? Yep, it is.

It’s the second year in a row now, we’re watching this festival pass by. It must be a blast to be there but it’s a real pity the boat is leaving from Miami. Coming from Belgium, this adds a small 1000€ to the total price to book flight tickets to and from Miami. And that’s just too much. Although the prices for “70000 tons of metal” are quite affordable.

Well, maybe we will get there ever…

but remember, the alcoholical drinks are NOT included in the cruise fee :)


Thanks to “De Laatste Show”, a Belgian late evening talk show which always ends with a musical guest, I discovered a new great band called “Roosbeef”. They performed their single “Iets te veel wij(n)” and it was a long time ago I heard such refreshing music.

Although the lyrics are in dutch (Holland dutch) and they play some kind of “Kleinkunst”,  so easily categorized under “old people”-music, this band was different. They mix there “kleinkunst” with some kind of soft postrock which makes it already interesting. But what makes it really special are the lyrics of the singer Roos: quite dark, emotional, pessimistic,… all sung with a, by moments, kind of fragile voice.

It surprised me to see them on Belgian national television. I checked youtube and apparently one can listen to the whole new album “Omdat ik dat wil” there. I must say I’m impressed and they have reached another fan.

Oh.. and she isn’t quite ugly too :P

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