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Thanks to “De Laatste Show”, a Belgian late evening talk show which always ends with a musical guest, I discovered a new great band called “Roosbeef”. They performed their single “Iets te veel wij(n)” and it was a long time ago I heard such refreshing music.

Although the lyrics are in dutch (Holland dutch) and they play some kind of “Kleinkunst”,  so easily categorized under “old people”-music, this band was different. They mix there “kleinkunst” with some kind of soft postrock which makes it already interesting. But what makes it really special are the lyrics of the singer Roos: quite dark, emotional, pessimistic,… all sung with a, by moments, kind of fragile voice.

It surprised me to see them on Belgian national television. I checked youtube and apparently one can listen to the whole new album “Omdat ik dat wil” there. I must say I’m impressed and they have reached another fan.

Oh.. and she isn’t quite ugly too :P

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