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A couple of weeks ago i remembered the times i was in Sweden for a scholarship. I also remembered the smoking prohibition that was introduced there much earlier (since 2005) as in Belgium but also the fact that not so many people smoke over there. As a substitution to smoking cigarettes (or cigars,…) they use something called “Snus”.

Snus  is some kind of steamed tobacco and used quite a lot in scandinavian countries. The sacks(little portions like a little teabag) or loose tobacco has to placed underneath the upper lip. Leave it there for about thirty minutes to two hours and it will mix with your saliva. It will give you a boost of nicotine and a special taste in your mouth. “Snus” is supposed to be more healthy than cigarettes since you don’t have the burned tobacco and paper inhaled.

In Belgium, the smoking law has kicked in too and I hate smoking outside but what can you do. Indeed, you can take a snus and the need for cigarettes (nicotine) will take off. That’s when I thought to start using snus instead of smoking, or at least try to use it as a manner to smoke less. Apparantly in Belgium, snus is not sold or can’t be sold due to some European law. I found a quite interesting view on the snus-prohibition in Europe.

Still, everyone can buy snuss online. I bought mine through “northerner” and within a week I received my order of four snuss cans. If anyone wants to try it as a starter, I would advice to order a mix of different kinds. There is a huge variation in snuss going from really strong to light fruity tasting snuss. If you’re a smoker and looking for some alternative, I can recommend snus. I bought mine at northerner.com but a little googling can give you tons of snus ordering sites.

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