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Spotify – Streaming Music

How sceptic i was when i first heard about “Spotify”. I thought of some kind of sketchy application which surfed upon the waves of legality and illegality. Also, why would I want to have all my music files in the cloud? What if the service isn’t available anymore or even worse; what if my internet connection fails.

Anyway, I thought to give it a try. I was quite impressed by the extensive music collection. I could find almost everything (also local bands). Except if you are searching the most “trve” black metal band lurking in the depths the Norwegian forests. But then again, they only release trve tapes…

Since I installed “Spotify” I am barely touching my own mp3 collection, because it’s so easy to search and play the music. I also installed the application on my android cellphone. Fantastic, now I have all the music on the go. Unfortunately, It’s only 48 hours for free on the phone but prices are very fair (9.99€). So fair, I’m going to order my account this week… and maybe deleting my mp3 collection.

However, I always ask myself: what if this service disappears? I guess there will be a lot of other companies coming out with alternatives but still.

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